High-capacity, compact adapters.

Industry's first 120W (24V5A) code-integrated ground ultra-small high-capacity Adapter to be launched, 72.5 (L) × 72.5 (W) × 32 (H)MM

Electromagnetic waves, electric fields, harmless to human body, optimized for thermal mat, smart mattress etc.,. EMF electromagnetic field test passed.

OV/OC/SC triple protection. passed IEC 62368-1 test. 

36W to 120W, cord-integrated adapter
73.5 (length) x 73.5 (width) x 32 (thickness), TCB-D120-240500KF, LEVEL VI, Ground/Non-ground, DC thermal mat, smart mattress, foot bath, etc. High-capacity household goods optimized, compact design, BEST SELLING

5W to 120W, wall mounted adapter
High Capacity Ultra-Small 120W Wall Mount, Excellent Portability, LEVEL VI, TCB-A15/A30/A45/D65/D120-XXXYYZF, Ultra-Small 120W (24V5A) 73.5 (Length) x 73.5 (W) x 32 (Thickness)

36W–120W, inlet type adapter
Global label, ground/non-ground, LEVEL VI, TCB-D65/D120-XXXYYZE, ultra-small 120W (24V5A) 73.5 (length) x 73.5 (width) x32 (thickness)

Mat EMF Electromagnetic Field Test

Experience a 120W high-capacity, ultra-small wall mount adapter. OV/OC/SC triple protection. passed IEC 62368-1 test. Ensure the quality of the product is safe. We will further upgrade the portability of your product. Features of TCB adapter: High difficulty EMF electromagnetic field test of DC thermal mat in direct contact with human body which is passed. It's very safe against harmful electromagnetic waves and magnetic field. It can be safely applied to all products that come into contact with the human body, beauty water purifiers, foot baths, and massage devices. The TCB-D65/120 series guarantees quality.

KC certification, OV/OC/SC triple protection, ROHS 2, REACH, CB IEC 62368-1 (VERSION III) test passed, EMF electromagnetic field test passed, energy efficiency VI, standard: SMPS, square type, color (black & white), DC cable standard length: 1m; noise filter (optional), Applicable products: DC thermal/electric mats, beauty water purifiers, industrial monitors, 3D printers, home appliances, foot baths, laptops, etc.

High-capacity and ultra-thin LED waterproof converters.

Ease your product's installation space.

Triple protection of overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit current, compact design

12V/24V ultra-thin, TCB-L300/400/500W, 67(width)x31(thickness), IP 67

The LED waterproof converter is applied to various products such as street light LED, stadium LED, billboard LED, etc.

60W, LED waterproof converter

12V/24V, TCB-L60, 37(width)x23(thickness), IP 67

100W, LED waterproof converter

12V/24V, TCB-L100, 37(width)x23(thickness), IP 67, BEST SELLING AND BEST PRICE 

150W/200W, LED waterproof conveter 

12V/24V ultra thin, TCB-L150/200, 54(width)x31(thickness), IP 67

300W/400W/500W, LED waterproof converter

12V/24V ultra thin, TCB-L300/400/500, 67(width)x31(thickness), IP 67

It maximizes the efficiency of your products. The 300W to 500W are all 31MM ultra-thin, making it easier to use the product's application space by leaving the traditional rugged size. LED waterproof converters are applied to outdoor advertising LEDs, stadium LEDs, streetlight LEDs, etc. The 100W 12V/24V is a cost-effective product and is an ultra-small model with size 37 MM (width) x 23 MM (thickness) with excellent price competitiveness.

It is a safe product such as waterproof grade IP67, KC certification, OV/OC/SC triple protection, ROHS, and EMF electromagnetic field test passed. Energy Efficiency VI, Standard Specification: SMPS, Aluminum Cover, AC Cable Standard Length: 0.3m, DC Cable Standard Length: 0.3m. Quality guaranteed.

Compact Adapter of Square type